I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sum it all up in one page, but here’s a few key things that I did through out my insti-journey so far!

Professional Shows

Saarang 2020

Saarang is the cultural festival of IIT Madras, sparsed over the five days in the first week of January. Not sure if I can call mine a joyride, because one day post the fest, I had glucose running down by veins.

I’d volunteered with the Professional Shows team, and with meetings summoned at 12 AM every day, it was indeed an absolute unique fit to the team. We’d sit at the Open Air Theatres listening to the cores of our team run us through the successful repertoire of the previous day, and the tasks set ahead for the next day.

Saarang 2021

When the pandemic hadn’t spared even the most conspicuous corner of this world, I adapted to an online semester, and yes, we had an online Cultural Festival. As the deputy co-ordinator in the team, I had the privilege to bring down international acts from across the World. I had brought in two acts, Nils and Bianca from Sweden and Paloma Pujol from Spain.

Saarang 2022

This year I will be presiding over as the Classical+Comedy Night coordinator at Proshows! Stay Tuned for the whirl-about journey that I might bump into.

The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate, is the official and an Independent student Newsbody of IIT Madras. Being a part of the team was one way that kept me hooked to writing, and what’s more enjoyable than doing something that you absolutely love doing?

Correspondent, 2020-2021

As a correspondent of the Newsbody, I worked on the following four pieces. I’d a lot of fun interviewing a wide-spectrum of people, and over time I’d learnt a lot from the process.

Editor, 2021-2022

I’m currently an Editor at the Newsbody, and it’s almost a month since I’d joined the team! Stay tuned for more updates.

General Secretary, Sarayu

Everything at IIT Madras is student run. And so were hostels. As a freshman, I had the slightest of clue about what was awaiting. Three months into my first year, I contested in elections for the post of General Secretary of the freshwomen hostel.

As an elected representative, I had worked along with six-other secretaries, and we had absolute fun doing the work. We conducted competitions, held social nights and indeed participate in the inter-hostel championships which were renown through the years.

SLC Parliament Delegation

Every year, a cohort of students visit the National Capital to witness an in-house parliament session, interact with National Economists, Public Policy Agencies and also the Member of Parliament. I’d been a part of the 2019 Cohort, and it had been one of the best ever trips that I’d made!

Day 0

A 24 hour train journey packed with Wolf and card games, a little bit of getting to know each other, and as we inched closer to the capital, the icy weather hit out bones. I remember almost freezing to death, the day we arrived at Delhi.

0.6+1.1i years into insti

~Some Math Fetish freak xD