So I’ve always had this task on top of my bucket-list, and I think it’s about time to start working for it. So, the wish is that, I should at least plant 100 trees before I turn seventeen, and to be honest I’ve only planted one:( and it’s been a since I planted that one.Continue reading “BUCKETLIST WISH #1”


I live in a world where people are highly busy and focused. They are so highly focused that they have no idea about what’s happening around. They never care the least about how people around them survive, as for which they only are concerned about themselves. There were days on this planet, when people lovedContinue reading “AN ODE TO THE MAN ON THE FOOTPATH”

We are never hungry, aren’t we?

We are never hungry, aren’t we? We have such instincts that we are never really bothered about how hungry we are. The prime reason for this instinct is that we have never really been hungry. Every single grain of food the luxurious us waste, is all that is yearned for by the poor. We neverContinue reading “We are never hungry, aren’t we?”

Perplexing Features of the Extra Terrestrial Territory

One never finds when one will die nor will he find what will happen next. The very future remains a mystery. Well, not many are aware of the creation of the universe. People believe that, the only creator God is the holy master in our lives. But none in planet Earth knows how appropriate theContinue reading “Perplexing Features of the Extra Terrestrial Territory”


Health: Biologically it doesn’t mean that being disease resistant is healthy. It means having an intricate social behavior, well-maintained physic and livid mentality. If seen biological standards, I think there is seldom a healthy person in our modern society. With the fascinating fourteen years I have spent on planet earth, I could elucidate that ifContinue reading “ARE WE HALE AND HEALTHY?”

A little respect could make hearts happier

I wasn’t sure whether I was in the planet earth or somewhere in the underworld or somewhere struck in Chaos. But I was sure that I was alive. Live and healthy as an apple. The world around me was extraordinarily busy and I stood aside my classroom, beside my table, near the window. I heardContinue reading “A little respect could make hearts happier”