Five years ago, there was this crazy idea that popped up in my head – which was to write a book, a story which seemed completely bizarre.

And this story was just a whirl around, and it came to my mind the first time when I was at a local temple fest at my grandparent’s hometown. Sometime during 2015, I had completed writing it.

With a lot of research and emailing, there was a lot of speculation in choosing how to publish it and today it’s finally out there on Amazon, Kindle, Flipkart and WFP stores.

The book was out for sale on the 6th of November. I’m extremely sorry for announcing this late, beholden due to my exams, I couldn’t reach out well in Social Media.I would be glad and happy, and extremely grateful if you guys could read it out and review it in Amazon, and goodreads.

Available globally on Amazon, Flipkart, and other platforms

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