PMS and Everything

I probably might regret writing this later, but there are these series of events that I go through every month that I, at the very bottom of my heart, hate, and I believe it’s alright putting it down. PMS. I know there’s going to be this week where I will act weird, end up gettingContinue reading “PMS and Everything”


I know my eleventh grade life is so packed up and I don’t even have a minute to spare, but to be honest, I’ve always tried to make time for the things I would love to do. So I did. Here goes the mandala which took a lot of time and gave me patience. CheersContinue reading “MANDALA #1”


So I’ve always had this task on top of my bucket-list, and I think it’s about time to start working for it. So, the wish is that, I should at least plant 100 trees before I turn seventeen, and to be honest I’ve only planted one:( and it’s been a since I planted that one.Continue reading “BUCKETLIST WISH #1”


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Hi, I’m Jai Santhoshi. I try to live to up my writing desires.

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