Health: Biologically it doesn’t mean that being disease resistant is healthy. It means having an intricate social behavior, well-maintained physic and livid mentality. If seen biological standards, I think there is seldom a healthy person in our modern society. With the fascinating fourteen years I have spent on planet earth, I could elucidate that ifContinue reading “ARE WE HALE AND HEALTHY?”


Mary Higgins Clark “As usual the queen of suspense has proved her standards.”      This book is vivid, enthralling and yes, it did send chills back down my spine. Stories are to be told, but this one can be than told, it can be lived. Clark has once again showcased her elegance in writing andContinue reading “DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL”

The Selection

KIERA CASS “If I had to put in simple words, then it’s that this one is highly entertaining!” When we fall into our senses trying to imagine this same old world a two hundred years later, sometimes we would pretty disastrous. But clearly, Kiera Cass hasn’t. She has created a perfect future America, where thingsContinue reading “The Selection”

Where She Went

GAYLE FORMAN A bewitching sequel to IF I STAY, with a change of perspective (male). This book is fueled with poems which sometimes steal your senses. Forman has thrown a high pitched happy ending. Three years after Mia’s accident, after which Mia and Adam have given a full stop to their relationship, they meet againContinue reading “Where She Went”


JAMES DASHNER “A fine art, with spontaneous thrill and mystery which takes you to a whole new community-in-world called glade.” A set of eighteen-year old boy-community receive a boy every month once. This has been happening since two years, but no-one knows where they’ve been coming from because their memories are erased, erased such thatContinue reading “THE MAZE RUNNER”

A little respect could make hearts happier

I wasn’t sure whether I was in the planet earth or somewhere in the underworld or somewhere struck in Chaos. But I was sure that I was alive. Live and healthy as an apple. The world around me was extraordinarily busy and I stood aside my classroom, beside my table, near the window. I heardContinue reading “A little respect could make hearts happier”