Decode me

I am one of the tens of hundreds of millions of people writing blogs. And I ain’t that supercool, but oh! I might be. One of the most difficult tasks in the world is to understand someone and to understand me is one step higher (Mood swings included). So, figuratively, I am telling you, ‘Empathizing’ me is quite a high order.

I’m a person with such a delicate heart that I tend to care for everyone in the world- someday I wish to help eradicate poverty and swipe poor out of the dictionary. I believe in gratitude as well (I’ve written an article for the newspaper, do check it out) –

Well, then I’m also a person with this ice-cold heart devoid of sentiments (or so I tell). I really don’t bother people who don’t bother me, because I’ve understood life that well (Mature me) I know I’m hyping this whole page all about me, because indeed it is my blog.

The last thing that you’ll need to know about me is I’m the most-super-possessive person, implying that I would tear my soul away (if ever needed) for my most liked people on this earth. Indeed, I would do anything for my fellas

Now talking about my skills, I’m good at various things (when I was a kid, I was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci) so going in sequence *not preferential though*

  1. I love to write, or I’m good at it. Thats why I ended up creating this blog in the first place.
  2. Painting – mastered the skill since my 8th grade -I’ve been taking art classes for oil painting and watercolor- apart from that I also sketch and do zentangles -mandalas included.
  3. Sudoku – I don’t usually miss a single puzzle in the national dailies, someday I wish to claim the ‘World Sudoku Championship’ and I hope I really do, solving them is kind of something that I’m good at.
  4. Badminton – Well, yeah, I took classes for a year or so, I’m not a pro at it, but neither am I a novice. I dangle in between.
  5. Reading is a part of my routine – I try to read despite any hectic schedule, and quite a past time. So, I include this in a skill, because I can read a book pretty quickly, (than you can actually imagine)
  6. Singing….Um, not a pro again, but yeah, I used to be in my school band, and I can preferably sing songs, and even rap. Well, I can sing ( though I don’t reveal it to many, those who check this blog will only know)

These are the skills I’m quite good at and certain of, apart from this I do have hobbies, but I don’t intend to bore you with that. So folks, go check out my blog, and if you wish to know more about me – well, come on you wouldn’t want to.

*Despacito* *BGM*

Life is a game, and yeah you go to play it well- All you have to do is roll the dice and wait.

Do subscribe to my blog, and keep checking it for cool/so-cool stuff that I’ll be posting.



  1. GK.santosh says:

    nice,it was so nice and ur paintings are so good


  2. Thanks G.K Santosh


  3. polarizee says:

    A very refreshing blog that I came across after years. Keep the passion and live your life !


    1. Thankyouuuuu and sure willlūü§©


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