Hi there! I am Jai Santhoshi Sathish Kumar and I’m nineteen! I’m passionate about writing, sustainability and science.

I’d joined IIT Madras in the year 2019, and I’m currently pursuing my B.Tech in the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. TIPS, Erode has been my home for more than twelve years, and my high-schooling was at Suguna PIPS, Coimbatore.

I live in a realm where multitasking is considered normal, Coffee is as vital as water is and where crazy is cool.

I hail from Erode, a city in Tamil Nadu. It’s a beautiful city, and I’ve spent almost sixteen years here. I’d spent my high school years at Coimbatore, TN, which also happens to be my hometown.

I occasionally paint and write, and I love camping. Music is what I breathe, and there isn’t a time when I have Spotify not running over in the background.

She’s mad but she’s magic
There is no lie in her fire

Charles bukowski

While I figure out what I wish to do with my life, you can check out my articles, poems and art work. You can check out my current reads at here.

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Before the pandemic hit, my college life had been a roundabout. The bee buzz was real, and there was never a moment where I’d not been on the hustle. Currently, confined to four walls, what I can do is, to reminiscence the good old days.

All the variety, All the charm, All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina