PMS and Everything

I probably might regret writing this later, but there are these series of events that I go through every month that I, at the very bottom of my heart, hate, and I believe it’s alright putting it down. PMS. I know there’s going to be this week where I will act weird, end up getting angry for people being nice to me, and going crazy by bits and pieces, and however I try to beat this damn thing down, it really isn’t an easy battle.

I’m coping by writing now, and as I am in immense pain, fighting cramps along, I thought I’d write this piece down for it to go down in history. Music helps now and then, and the kind of music that is just a total vibe. I might sound like a crazy woman, but I listened to the same song from yesterday night until like now, and it’s helping. I feel incredibly sick, but I can’t do anything about it, and I have come to accept that it’s all a natural process.

I hogged three cupcakes, two cups of tea and everything sweet around to treat myself for going through this. While I have a couple of things to do and a routine to adhere to, PMS and periods are like the advertisements you run into on Youtube and Spotify. You don’t really want them there, but they just seem to pop up, and you can’t make them go away, and then you just let it go by. That’s precisely the menstrual cycle.

This comic is legit a 100% accurate

I’ve been craving pizza for like a week, and the craving graph hit its peak yesterday, but there’s also a lockdown here. With my city toping the COVID charts, I came to the sane conclusion to avoid ordering owing to the potential risks associated with it, and honestly, it isn’t worth the trade-off.

I mean, this period is just worse than the Spotify ad. And after the seven day period ends, and I begin sobering up, it’s all a mess again, and you fix it, and it breaks down, and this is like an endless cycle.

While I never thought of explaining what PMS is so far, here it is – Premenstrual Syndrome, and it’s a common condition observed in almost all of the menstruating population right before their dear menstrual cycle hits up.  Apart from having a fancy name, it also sometimes puts someone at their worst, including irritability, fatigue, mood swings, and more.

While emphasising mood swings here, it’s like listening to Lana Del Rey for a moment and switching up to Eminem the next, and pretty sure Spotify spotted it too. Funnily, writing this down makes me feel a little better, and who knows why.

Sending love to all those out there, who fight battles with PMS everyday, through their work, through the load of assignments and everything. While it is already a chaos out there, you fighting this makes you stronger and braver. Here are a couple of things that I do beat the blues down:

  • Talking to my friends, get your mind off the whole idea
  • Listen to Music, and it helps a lot sometimes
  • Lemon Tea, I don’t know why but coffee and tea, both help me out win the whole situation
  • Ice Cream helps a lot, but it isn’t really a healthy alternative, but who cares any way

Also, there’s this app called Flo, which helped me track my whole mental health and period. It’s really cool and helpful, and you should try it too!

Buckle up, get the bottle of nutella and loads of junk on on board, it’s time to cushion up, break down and burn it down. So yep, I’m gonna head back to swinging up my moods, and have a good day!

Let’s go fam

Well, that’s my Day 1 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge, I believe. See ya.

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