Mary Higgins Clark
A gripping read, which sent shivers and chills down my spine. A cold murderer on the loose, who is serial killer with three, later found to be four murders, and a series of crimes unsolved comes to light when Kay Lansing, marries the wealthiest of men, Peter Carrington in the country. Innocent Peter, has been the ‘person of interest’ for twenty years, on the disappearance of Susan Althrop, his friend and love, Death of Grace Meredith, his first wife, and also, the disappearance of Kay’s very own father Jonathan Lansing.

Kay, originally Kathryn, when she was six years old, precisely twenty two years ago, sneaks into the chapel of the Carrington mansion, when Jonathan brings her along, when he was landscaping the estate. In he chapel, she hears, a man and woman arguing about money. When the woman asks for money, the man hums the song “I heard that song before”.

Events take a turn when Susan Althrop’s body is found outside the fence of Carrington’s estate, after twenty two years of her disappearance. Peter Carrington is blamed. 

After the marriage, Kay one night finds out that Peter has the sleepwalking syndrome. She finds him in he same spot where his first wife Grace Carrington, died. Yet, she has her heart and trust on him. Later, she also finds the cadaver dogs of the police investigation find her father’s corpse there. But nothing breaks the trust she has on Peter. Meanwhile, Peter in his sleepwalk forfeits the bail conditions and stays in the prison until his trial. Kay is fortunate enough to be gifted with a child.

She sets out to solve the mystery, just for her husband. She wants him back home, and believed in their love that he will be. With the help of Greco, the person who tracked down evidences against Peter, she somehow fits the pieces of puzzle together. 

The only piece that would help find the murderer, will be the man who hummed the tune, of “I heard the song before” twenty two years ago. 

The murderer is thrown in the prison with a lifetime sentence in New York and New Jersey, who is none other than Richard Carrington, Peter’s stepbrother. The murders are co-planned by 
Elaine Carrington, who is also Peter’s stepmother and known to have an affair with Susan’s father, Ambassdor Althorp. 

Perfectly carved story, as always the author does.

This book makes one’s beat faster. 

Don’t miss the read. 
Rating : 5/5

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