Jai Santhoshi Sathish Kumar

I look through the bars 

Past the barren lands 

Earth had become the new mars 

Forlorn without helping hands 

There was happiness and health

Which were not given a glance

They longed wit and wealth 

But they didn’t stand a chance

Struck by a powerful curse

They live as sinners

Left with none to nurse 

And a famine for dinner

Neither a drop of water to drink 

Nor a ray of sunshine to see 

Their lives are on the brink

At the hands of natures plea

The stark eternal chill’s birth 

Made the soil loose its fertility 

Bringing in death and dearth 

Mother Earth attained senility

Hunger took over the throne 

With thirst as soldiers

What remained were bones 

And a kingdom made of boulders 

Families and friends long gone 

The survivors were on their knees

Pleading for a divine dawn

A shirk from this vile spree

Like every prayer that’s unheard 

The reply was a standstill

Life had become absurd 

Bequeathing their fate in Nature’s will!

“Currently Tamil Nadu is facing a water crisis. This poem, is a part of my contribution to just instill an awareness to its inhabitants! Let us wipe out the dark and drought! Save Water! “

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