Author: Mary Higgins Clark

This book gave me icy chills down my spine, as I turned over each page! It was yet one more of the best shots which ‘the queen of suspense’ has given. The plot revolves around two twins Kathy and Kelly, who were originally conjoint. It tries to explain some of the scientifically theories that involves conjoint twins.

The book also throws light on the parents. The grief of separation is well explained here – the mother of the twins, Margaret Frawley, seems to loose her very own self when she comes to know that her kids are kidnapped. When one is returned, she still is broken, and is anxious about her second twin, Kathy. 

The only way the try to locate Kathy, is by Kelly’s illusions, or the part of Kathy, which resides in Kelly herself. Some chapters, did make me feel, like I was a part of the story. 

Kelly, loves her twin, and is intolerant with their kidnappers, who still harm Kathy. 

Besides, there is this Psychopathic character Angie, aka. Mona, who earns for a kid. She keeps Kathy with herself, and tries to be human. But she is unable to hand the pleasure of handling the twin, and tortures the kid in different ways. At one point, she tries to be suicidal, and tries to kill the kid along with herself. 

The antagonist here, is virtually called the “Pied Piper” and he comes along the book, as a man who loathes for money. He is certainly scared about his wife, and knows that any minute she might divorce him, leaving him without a penny. He plots the whole crime brilliantly, but fails due to the lack of coordination from his team. He is none other than Gregg Stanford, who works in the same office as the twins father Steve Frawley does. 

In between there are a series of events, which will take you to a whole new world of suspense. Sit back and enjoy the read.

Overall it was an amazing read.

Rating: 5/5 

Favourite quote: “Grief separates as many people as it brings close”


  1. Vridhi goyal says:

    I am gonna read it now soon..thanks for the review..!!!


    1. Will keep you updated with more reviews!


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